Monthly Archives: April 2020

COVID-19 Update, Friday 24th April

As we near the end of the fifth week, there’s a load of stories in the media about the future of higher education. We’ve been debating the possibilities, but it’s probably still too early to say whether students will physically be in the University’s buildings in September. If that does not happen, or maybe even if it does, there’s still…

Coronavirus update – four weeks of unprecedented change

It’s now been four weeks since the University closed most of its buildings, moved teaching on-line and asked most of us to begin working from home. WFH has become a new, common acronym, as many of us have got used to not travelling to and from work. It makes you appreciate the small geographical area you circulate within if you…

Latest Coronavirus news, Friday 3rd April

It’s starting to feel more like the “new normal” now, as we hit the end of the first fortnight of working from home (WFH), working on a very quiet university site or at home with little or no work to do, depending on your circumstances. It’s still a very odd situation and obviously a very tragic one for those with…

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