Branch Committee



Branch Officers
Chair Emily Brooks
Secretary, Membership Officer Ivan Bonsell
Treasurer Martin Loftus
Equality Co-ordinator Bill Acharjee
Health and Safety Officers Alan Dilley, Maurizio Valeri
Welfare Officer Lydia Freeman
Education Co-ordinator Will Dooley
Women’s Officers Debbie Neale, Jodie Jones, Lydia Freeman
Black Members’ Officers Jean Bosco Ndayizeye, Bill Acharjee
LGBT+ Members’ Officer Rosie Dooner
Young Members’ Officers Rosie Dooner, Ari Pascual Quiros
Disabled Members’ Officer Cara Thompson
International Officer Steve Brooks
Environmental Officer Suze Thompson
Labour Link Officer Ivan Landeira Pazos
Retired Members’ Secretary Carole Chick   contact:



Stewards and Health and Safety representatives
Eastbourne Marco Troiani (steward)
City Campus Richard Clayton (health and safety rep)
City Campus Lee Christien (steward)
City Campus Lydia Freeman (steward & health and safety rep)
Moulsecoomb Ivan Bonsell (steward & health and safety rep)
Moulsecoomb Martin Loftus (steward & health and safety rep)
Moulsecoomb Maurizio Valeri (steward & health and safety rep)
Moulsecoomb (Health & Safety rep) Emily Brooks (steward & health and safety rep)
Moulsecoomb (Health & Safety rep) Alan Dilley (health and safety rep)
Moulsecoomb Debbie Neale (steward)
Moulsecoomb Bill Acharjee (steward)
Moulsecoomb Ivan Landeira Pazos (steward & health & safety rep)
Moulsecoomb Will Dooley (steward)
Moulsecoomb Bobbie McVey (health and safety rep)
Students’ Union Luke Frost (steward)
Students’ Union Ari Pascual Quiros (steward)


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