Monthly Archives: April 2021

Community engagement?

We’re all very proud of the University’s community engagement. Unfortunately, it seems like this commitment to being deeply rooted in the community, now doesn’t extend as far as finding £83,000 a year to support the continuation of One World Nursery. How closing down the last remaining nursery, offering childcare and early-years education helps “widening access to study” is anyone’s guess,…

Save One World Nursery! Please help us campaign to keep it open!

The University Executive Board have decided to close the last remaining nursery for good at the end of July. This will mean the destruction of a valuable and well-respected university service, which has been providing education for early-years children for decades, as well as making people redundant. Our branch, alongside all eleven nursery workers, are opposing this and campaigning for…

UNISON Supports Kill the Bill protests

Come and join us this Saturday for the latest protest against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill, which is a massive attack on our right to protest. We’ll be there with the banner, and please make sure you’re careful about wearing a face-covering and keeping an appropriate distance.

Overtime Payments

One issue which came up in our members’ meeting last week was the relationship between overtime and time off in lieu. Firstly, there is no contractual right to overtime, but if a member of staff is offered additional work then the offer should be made to everyone within the appropriate group (i.e. offered on a fair basis) and then any…

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