2017-18 Pay Consultation – 67.8% of Brighton members reject the offer

Thanks to all those members who participated in our consultative ballot over pay in June. We are very pleased that so many of you made an effort to engage with the branch and express your view, however you voted.

The results was a rejection of the offer by 67.8% of those who voted on a 40.6% turnout.

This has been submitted to UNISON’s national office and the Service Group Executive will decide on a course of action based on all higher education branches.

More news to follow when we have it.

National Executive Council Elections 2017

It’s time to choose who speaks for you. Elections are being held for all seats on UNISON’s National Executive Council (NEC), the governing body of the union.


A ballot paper will be sent to every eligible member at their home address, together with information on the candidates. The ballot opens on 3 April 2017 and closes on 28 April 2017.

If you have not received your ballot paper by 11 April, please call 0800 0857 857. Lines open 6am to midnight, Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday.

University of Brighton Branch nominated the following candidates.

For Higher Education, our branch nominated Kath Owen and Sandy Nicoll.

They stand for:

  • A fighting and democratic union
  • Active campaigning branches
  • A decent pay rise
  • No to privatisation and outsourcing
  • Defend migrant staff, students & refugees
  • For free education

We support their candidacy as we believe our union needs to:

  • End austerity, defend public services
  • Defend all our communities from bigotry
  • End poverty pay, Living Wage now
  • Celebrate our international campus communities
  • Stop Trump, oppose racism
  • Defend the NHS

We also nominated the following candidates:

Jacqui Berry, Diana Leach and Dan Sartin for South East Regional Seats

Josie Runswick for the Young Members’ Seat

April Ashley for a Black Members’ Seat

Roger Lewis for a Disabled Members’ Seat

We want our NEC to reflect the democracy of our union, so please make sure you use your vote!

2017-18 Pay Claim

The trade unions have submitted a joint pay claim for the increase due 1st August 2017.

Higher education unions submit 2017-18 pay claim

Key points from the claim are:

  • An increase to all spine points on the national pay scale of RPI plus £1,200, or RPI plus 3%, whichever is greater;
  • £10 per hour minimum wage with all HEIs to become living wage employers, ensuring all campus staff are paid at least the Living Wage Foundation rate.


For members working for the Students’ Union, we’ll be asking you what you want a pay claim to focus on, with a members’ survey, before submitting a claim to the SU management.

UNISON Statement on the UCU Dispute, March 2017

The UNISON branch fully supports UCU in taking whatever action it feels is necessary to defend the terms and conditions of its members.

What is at stake here is not just the three issues identified – jobs in Arts and Humanities, academic promotions and fundamental changes to contracts, but also the rights of all staff to work at an institution which maintains an effective working relationship between senior managers and the trade unions.

Working people do not take strike action lightly, but the overwhelming result of UCU’s ballot for action demonstrates the depth of feeling of UCU members. As many UNISON members are telling us, the current leadership of the University are drifting to a position where confrontation and non-negotiable announcements are the norm rather than the spirit of constructive discussion, which had been the tradition at Brighton for many years.

Senior managers will say that this is necessary to deal with the challenges faced by the University as a result of government policies, student numbers and funding changes. We argue that turning this institution into an education factory with more casualisation and fewer employment rights is precisely what students are not in favour of. There is an opportunity to demonstrate that Brighton can be different and can show current and potential students that its workforce is less stressed, properly rewarded and highly motivated.

The anti-trade union laws, specifically designed to prevent trade-unionists from effective campaigning to support the rights of their members may have postponed the planned action, but we will do whatever we legally can to support UCU members later in the month.

If UNISON members have any questions, any of our officers, stewards and reps will be happy to answer them.

As always, we would encourage all members of staff who have not yet joined a union to seriously consider doing so. It is only by sticking together, and organising on a democratic basis that we can make sure that our rights at work are protected.