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We’d like to allow you to join for free, but all trade unions need funds to operate. UNISON membership is banded to allow for your income level.

You can either make your subscription payments as a deduction from your wages every month through payroll, or by setting up a direct debit.


For PAYROLL deductions, click the link, print (under the paper size option, click on “Booklet”) and fill in the paper form, then return it in the internal post to:

Sarah Pickett, UNISON Office, Room 209c, Mithras House, Moulsecoomb

or you can scan it and email us a copy.

UNISON Membership form December 2023

Please include your payroll number (from your payslip) and remember to sign the form. The value of your payments are reassessed every October by Payroll, who will also be able to amend the payments at any time if your circumstances change, such as extended leave or a change in hours etc. (Please le us know as well as Payroll if you need to change your rate of subscription.)


For DIRECT DEBIT (or PAYROLL) deductions, please join UNISON online by following this link:

Join Online

Please be honest about your income!

They have changed this process to allow you to pay through payroll if you want to (“as an experiment”, so if might be that you no longer can.)

In either case, if you want to, you can choose to make an additional 5% contribution to UNISON’s Campaign Fund , or UNISON Labour Link. The Campaign Fund is used for non-party political campaigning and the Labour Link fund goes to support the Labour Party. Members paying into this have some say in Labour’s decisions, but not as much as full Labour Party members.

If you pay your subscription through payroll, this is done as an annual payment by setting up a separate direct debit as per the form.

If you pay your subscription by direct debit, this is done by adding 5% to your monthly direct debit value.


If you have any problems or need any help filling any of this in, then please contact your local steward, who will be able to help.


As soon as you’re a member, you’ll be added to our distribution list (please make sure you give us permission and provide us with the email address which works best for you) and encouraged to get involved in the branch as much as you would like to.

We always welcome more volunteers, for stewards, health & safety and equalities reps, so feel free to ask.


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