Save One World Nursery! Please help us campaign to keep it open!

The University Executive Board have decided to close the last remaining nursery for good at the end of July. This will mean the destruction of a valuable and well-respected university service, which has been providing education for early-years children for decades, as well as making people redundant.

Our branch, alongside all eleven nursery workers, are opposing this and campaigning for the Nursery to remain open with no compulsory redundancies.

We’ll be organising a consultative ballot of all university-employed members, so please watch out for this, but in the meantime, here’s some things you can do..

Sign the petition (here)

Write to your MP and/or councillors (feel free to us the model letter, below)

Model letter for MPs and Councillors re One World Nursery April 2021

Follow the Nursery Workers’ campaign on Facebook.

Follow the campaign on Twitter. #saveoneworldnursery

We’ll be keeping our members up to date with everything that’s happening, but please make sure everyone you know is aware of the campaign and willing to support us.

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