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Coronavirus latest, Thursday 26th March

Four days into a totally different way of working, it’s definitely not “business as usual”. For many people struggling to work at home, trying to juggle multiple issues and problems is massively stressful and for some, the sense of isolation is having a serious effect on wellbeing. We recognise that these circumstances are totally different from anything any of us…

Coronavirus – update as at Tuesday 24th March

Events are now moving so quickly that what we thought made sense a few days ago is now definitely not something we should be doing. All University workers should now be either working from home, unable to work for a variety of reasons, or carrying out essential work only at the University.   If you are still working on site,…

Coronavirus – update at 20th March 2020

Events are moving very quickly, but it’s clear that the University will be moving to remote working from the end of today, Friday 20th March. As it stands, there are still some unanswered questions, such as casual pay, but all University employees with a contract will continued to be paid in full and you will be placed in one of…

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The situation is changing very quickly, but we’ll use our blog to keep our members updated as much as we can. For starters, and to play catch up, here’s a message which went out on Tue

Annual General Meetings 2020 Booklet

Annual General Meetings AGM 2020 Booklet This is the booklet available at the AGMs, containing all the papers for the meeting. Feel free to have a read of it, even if you can’t make the AGM.

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