Coronavirus – update as at Tuesday 24th March

Events are now moving so quickly that what we thought made sense a few days ago is now definitely not something we should be doing.

All University workers should now be either working from home, unable to work for a variety of reasons, or carrying out essential work only at the University.


If you are still working on site, there should be a justifiable reason why the work remains essential. This could be related to the University’s duty of care to students still living in the University’s managed halls, or crucial maintenance tasks, or because what you are doing is absolutely necessary to keep those of us working remotely still functioning.

It is absolutely crucial that those working on site are aware of what’s necessary to keep all of us safe:

Keeping a safe (two metre) distance from all other staff and students at all times

Ensuring the workplace is regularly sanitised and properly ventilated

Making sure you’re wearing and have access to appropriate personal protective equipment

If there are any concerns about any of this, please contact us, and please raise this with your manager and the Occupational Health and Safety Department.


For those working from home, your manager should be keeping in touch, since they have a duty of care to make sure you are well and working your contracted hours as much as possible without suffering work-related stress. This involves giving due consideration to your working conditions, such as your (new) workplace, your workload (given that lack of familiar equipment will probably slow you down) and your need to deal with other issues (childcare etc.) whilst at home.

If childcare is preventing you from working effectively, then please discuss this with your manager and remember you have every right to be excused from work for 12 weeks under the special leave policy.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to get in touch.

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