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Joining a trade union means that you’re part of a movement of millions of working people designed to improve our terms and conditions by sticking together.

The UNISON branch at the University represents all non-academic members of staff, from technicians to catering workers, from caretakers to administrators.

We work on the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all and that we have more power and influence the larger we are.

On behalf of our members, the elected Branch Committee negotiates with the University management to improve the lives of our members on the basis that we’re stronger together. We also take up individual cases where members feel they need our help and advice.

We have achieved some noticeable victories and played our part in fighting for national pay awards.

Without the efforts of trade unionists in the past and present, we would have no paid holidays or fair policies, which make the University a good place to work for most of us.

Members are safe in the knowledge that they have contributed to the welfare of their fellow workers, whilst non-members weaken our ability to do this. Please make sure you join us today!

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  1. Sarah Pickett
    January 15, 2016 at 16:58

    6 Reasons to Join a Union
    Pay. For comparable jobs, workers in unions are paid around 8% more than non-union workers.
    Job security. Non-union firms sack two and a half times as many workers as those where unions are recognised.
    Health and Safety. Union safety reps have a dramatic, positive impact on safety at work – and the more training they get, the safer the workplace.
    Lifelong learning. The TUC work with unions and companies large and small across the country to develop lifelong learning in the workplace.
    Fair treatment. Unions represent members when they have a problem at work.
    Legal representation. Unions offer their members legal representation. Normally this is to help people get financial compensation for work-related injuries or to assist people who have to take their employer to court.

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