Hastings consultation survey

The University of Brighton Students’ Union encourage students, staff and community members alike to complete the Hastings consultation survey.


The University of Brighton has launched its consultation regarding the future of its provision in Hastings. Brighton Students’ Union believes this consultation is an entirely pointless exercise which only aims to create a smoke screen for the University’s true intentions of completely withdrawing its provision from Hastings.

The ‘consultation’ offers only one option for providing Higher Education in Hastings, which is essentially the complete withdrawal of the University of Brighton from the town and the transferal of two access courses to the Sussex Coast College Hastings. We also believe that this consultation has been intentionally set for the summer so that students have less of an opportunity to take part.

We believe that the University should stand by its commitments to widening access to Higher Education and to the people of Hastings from whom it has taken large amounts of public money to invest in its facilities. We believe that the University could make a sound business case for continuing its provision in Hastings by investing in the campus and creating more student accommodation and improved student social learning facilities which would make the campus more attractive to prospective students.

We would like to encourage students, staff and the local community to complete this consultation so that they can demonstrate their anger to the University Board of Governors at this appalling decision.

Brighton Students’ Union will continue to work with local MPs, Hastings Borough Council, Unison, UCU, local businesses and members of the local community to oppose the closure of the Hastings campus.

Quote source: brightonsu.com/news/article/6013/Hands-off-Hastings-update-University-of-Brighton-Student-Consultation/

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