NHS National Demonstration – 4th March 2017

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Our branch is supporting this demonstration and encouraging all our members to go.

If you’d like to be part of a University of Brighton delegation, then let us know and we can meet you at Brighton station at 9am.



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  1. Comrades @ UoB Unison
    On behalf of Sussex Defend the NHS, Brighton & Hove People’s Assembly and Brighton & Hove Momentum, a brief and heartfelt email to thank you and your members for the generous sponsorship of our Pay-What-You-Can-Afford train travel to London for what turned out to be a massive march for Our NHS on 4th March. 283 adults and children packed the train up from Brighton with a samba band send-off and rousing singing during the trip. Due to your generosity no-one was left behind because of lack of funds. We also appreciated the speedy and efficient arrival of funds which facilitated safe and efficient organisation. Much appreciated.

    Despite the atrocious lack of coverage in the mainstream media, there were a good 250,000 people marching from Tavistock Square to Parliament Square. The demonstration and rallies at start and finish brought in new supporters to the fight for our NHS and to ongoing Brighton & Hove campaigns. We look forward to working together again to support each other in our struggles.

    Please express our thanks to all your members.
    In solidarity

    pp Sussex Defend the NHS, Brighton & Hove Momentum and Brighton & Hove People’s Assembly.
    Katrina Miller

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