UNISON National Executive Council Elections 2019

If you’re a member (if not, why not?), you should receive a ballot paper to your home address very soon.

Please don’t ignore it. It’s your opportunity to decide who you would like to run the union on a national basis for the next two years.

Of the full National Executive Committee of 67 people, we can vote for Higher Education seats, Regional seats and National seats.

Please take time to read the election addresses and make sure you post your votes back by the 17th May deadline.

If you don’t get a ballot paper by the end of April, the chances are we don’t have your correct address.

If so, please let us know so that we can fix it and get you a new ballot paper!

Who you vote for us entirely up to you, but as you can see from the paperwork, we have nominated the following candidates:


UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON UNISON Branch Nominations for NEC Election 2019

Our branch nominated:

Higher Education Seats:

   Kath Owen (Higher Education Female Seat)

   Sandy Nicholl (Higher Education General Seat)

Regional Seats:

   Jac Berry (South East Female Seat)

   Abi Holdsworth (South East Reserved Seat)

   Dan Sartin (South East Male Seat)

National Seats:

   April Ashley (Black Members Female Seat) (two seats)

   Sandra Okwara (Black Members Female Seat) (two seats)

   Hugo Pierre (Black Members Male Seat)

   Paula Carlyle (Disabled Members Female Seat)


Please let us know if you have any questions.








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