Securing Our Future, by making redundancies

As part of our campaign to save jobs, we’ve launched our consultative ballot today by emailing all our members.

If you work directly for the University, please make sure you vote by Friday 16th October.


On Friday, we recieved an email from the Registrar and Secretary, outlining the IT Review. “Following a wide range stakeholder engagement on the shape of the IT operating model, we are currently in the process of engaging with the team to outline the resulting proposed changes.”

What this doesn’t say is that 49 people have been told they are at risk of redundancy, that many of these people will have to apply for roles, many virtually identical to the ones they’re doing, and that some people will, if the outcome of the consultation matches the proposals, be facing redundancy.

We’d be happy to support the idea of Securing Our Future if it really did that, modernising the University’s systems to improve things and securing future employment for all who want it. The reality is that for some, the University’s chosen title for these programmes means precisely the opposite.

We can’t accept this course of action. If the University is struggling with finances then there are plenty of other things that can be done without chucking people onto the dole queues in the run up to Christmas.

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