Motion to Support the Engels in Eastbourne Campaign

Agreed at our December Branch Committee meeting:

This union branch notes:

  1. 28 November 2020 marks the bicentenary of the birth of the German revolutionary, philosopher and radical social and political theorist Friedrich Engels in 1820.
  2. Engels alongside Karl Marx played a critical role in helping the development of the British and international working class movement, though his writings – including works such as The Condition of the Working Class in England – as well as through political activism.
  3. Engels spent much of his later life in Eastbourne and when he died in 1895 his ashes were scattered to sea five miles out from Beachy Head.
  4. In 1976 a plaque was put up by Eastbourne Trades Council to honour Engels in Eastbourne, but due to repeated acts of vandalism from the fascist National Front the plaque was soon taken down and was never replaced.
  5. The existence of a new campaign to honour Engels with a new plaque in Eastbourne today [for more information see here:]

This union branch resolves:

To add our name as a union branch to support the campaign for a new plaque to be put up in Eastbourne in honour of Engels

There is a blog in development with more info on Engels in Eastbourne here.

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