Our proposed strike dates: Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd October

Rising together for better pay

After our ballot, where 75% of members voting were in favour of taking action, UNISON has decided to call an England-wide strike across all university branches with a mandate.

This is due to the inadequacy of the 2023-24 pay increase (5% to 8%, depending on grade, which is still well below inflation and therefore a real-terms pay cut).

Of course, we would much sooner UCEA (the employers’ organisation) came back to talk about this and made a reasonable offer, which we could put to our members.

If that doesn’t happen, we will take strike action, alongside Sussex UNISON branch and Brighton’s UCU branch, if they’re still on strike over redundancies.

For these two days, UNISON will make strike pay of up to £70/day available.

More details to follow…





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