If you want to give your views on the review of Hastings, you have until 8th March to contact a member of the University Board of Governors.


You can write or email any of them care of the Vice Chancellor or if you want to send your comments to us, we can pass them on….

Feel free to use your own words. We’d suggest something like:

We are very concerned by recent developments over the future of Hastings campus and would like to ask that you take the views of staff members before any decision is made. As we understand it, the next meeting of the Board of Governors will make a decision, which could mean the closure of Hastings. This would be a disaster for the students, the many people who rely on the University for work and livelihoods and the surrounding area, on which the University has a major impact. A decision on this scale would indicate a fundamental shift in the nature of the University as a positive, caring employer which has generally been good to its existing members of staff and one which tried to be one of the best organisations to work for.


The possibility of imposing significant redundancies on the people of Hastings is something that we’d ask you to carefully consider. We’d urge you to reject that negative approach and agree on alternative strategies for making Hastings a campus that delivers for the whole university community.


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