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Please find attached a flyer concerning an appalling new govt initiative which will destroy the NHS in the next few months. Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Tragically it is all too real. We have seen today a letter from our region’s supremo to the CCG and HWB If you haven’t heard of it it is the Sustainability and Transformation Plan. England has been divided up into 44 semi-autonomous regions (footprints) in their jargon. Each region will have complete responsibility for all NHS and social care services within the boundaries of their region. Ie the NHS will be irreversibly broken down into 44 separate and completely unrelated but almost certainly competing parts. Our region lumps East Sussex together with West Sussex and East Surrey (spot the rationale). A nightmare scenario.

And the deadline for the “footprints” to submit their 5 year plans and budgets – this coming June. See the flyer for further detail.

Please do your best to come on the 19th and circulate the flyer as widely as possible. We are building what will hopefully become a city wide campaign and will be putting round more information so keep an eye out for further details.

stp flyer1stp flyer2


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