2019-20 Pay Ballot Results

National Result: nearly two thirds of members who voted, voted in favour of strike action, but the turnout fell short of the 50% required for legal industrial action to take place.

First of all, thanks to all our members who voted, particularly those who made the effort to call and get a new ballot paper. We really appreciate the level of support for what we’re trying to achieve for all of us. We won’t know how our branch did until next week, but based on our records, we’re reasonably confident of reaching 50% here.

Nationally, the result is very disappointing, because the turnout, as per the anti-trade union laws, prevents the union from taking industrial action over the imposed real-terms pay cut.

There will be discussions within UNISON over what this means for the future, how we conduct ballots in the future and whether we, as a branch in Brighton, need to re-think our involvement in national pay negotiations.

At the time of writing, we’re still waiting for UCU’s result, also due today. If UCU colleagues strike at Brighton or elsewhere, we will of course give them as much support we can, but unfortunately, we will not be able to join them in taking strike action over pay.

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