78.1% in favour of strike action on a 51.4% turnout!

This is the local result of our pay ballot. We’re pleased that the vast majority of members who voted did so to support our recommendation, that threatening strike action was the only way to get a decent pay rise. We’re also pleased to have reached the 50% turnout required for legal industrial action. Thanks very much to all our members who voted and activists who campaigned for it.

Unfortunately, the national turnout was nowhere near good enough, so the debate continues over what we should do in the future. We appreciate it’s enourmously frustrating to be balloted repeatedly, only for nothing to happen, and Brighton activists have already started to argue nationally for a fresh approach to the question of delivering significant improvements to pay for us all.

UCU will be taking strike action from the 25th November to the 4th December. Obviously we give them our full support and we’ll have more informaiton about how we can do that before their strike begins.

There’s more detailed analysis in our November newsletter, available in the Newsletters section of the blog.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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