Further Strike Action over Pay – 1st and 4th April

We’ve decided that further action over pay will be necessary. You would hope that representatives of the employers would recognise that a 1.5% increase under the current circumstances would be pathetic, but apparently not.

So, after some careful discussion, the branch committee decided that we’ll call on members to take more action at the start of April.

Please bear in mind though that strike pay for this action and the strikes on 1st and 2nd March, is payable, so for many members, you should get back most of what you will lose in lost wages.

For 1st and 2nd March, you can claim strike pay as soon as you can see your wages lips for March. We’ll make sure you know how. For 1st and 4th April, it will be a similar process near the end of April.

Obviously, we want all members to take action, because the more who work as normal, the harder it will be to get any result from this. What we can’t do though is sit back and accept a further grinding down of the value of the work we call do. We need a pay rise now!

There’s more information in our March newsletter.

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