2022-23 Pay Consultation – please make sure you have your say

UNISON is consulting all higher education members over the final offer of employers for the August 2022 pay rise. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it falls well short of what’s necessary to keep wages in line with inflation, given the massive rise of prices. A 3% pay rise for most, rising to 8% at the lowest spinal points in use at Brighton, represents a 6% to 1% pay cut at current inflation. We can’t accept this.

Emails will go out over the next few days and we need you to make sure you respond. A decent turnout will demonstrate that members are not prepared to put up with real terms cuts to pay and are willing to do something about it, so please make sure you respond by the deadline. It will only take a few seconds.

Depending on the outcome nationally, we will almost certainly be balloting members properly, by post to home addresses, in June and July, as well as keeping up the pressure on employers over the current dispute over the 2021-22 pay round.

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